• What is the
    Maine Futures Community Mapper?


    Envision tomorrow’s landscape today

    This interactive mapping tool allows you to examine current and future land use in your town, region, and watershed.

    Developed with input from people like you

    The Mapper was developed with a diverse group of stakeholders representing conservation, economic development, forestry, and agriculture in Maine.

    Built for planners and citizens

    The Mapper provides individuals and communities with new ways of looking at their towns and landscapes to help improve their land use decisions.

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  • Why is land use planning
    so important for our future?


    Land uses don’t have to compete

    Current development patterns encourage an inefficient distribution of land uses across the land, wasting tax dollars and reducing ecosystem services and habitat.

    Consider regional benefits of local decisions

    In Maine, we like to make our land use decisions at the town level. But looking at our neighbors and across the region can benefit everyone.

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  • What can I do
    with this tool?


    Decide where to conserve and where to build

    Suitability maps based on many factors identified by our stakeholders highlight areas most desirable for development, conservation, forestry, and farming.

    Look for conflicts as well as opportunities

    Overlay analyses show where land uses may compete, or where conservation and forestry or agriculture may go hand-in-hand.

    Look at tomorrow’s landscape today

    Five example scenarios show how different land use decisions could shape Maine’s landscape in the future.

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  • Who is using this tool?



    Find high-value sites in your town or region.

    Planners and developers

    Find areas well-suited for residential or commercial development with lower risks of conflicts.


    Find large, productive sites with access to markets.


    Find high-quality soils and favorable site conditions with access to markets.

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  • Who collaborated on this tool?


    Interdisciplinary Development Team

    Our team includes ecologists, economists, foresters, geospatial professionals, and computer programmers working collaboratively.

    Knowledgeable Maine Stakeholders

    We worked with a dedicated group of expert Maine stakeholders who represent conservation, forest resources, agriculture, and economic development.

    Public and Private Support

    We are generously supported by Elmina B. Sewall Foundation, Maine’s Sustainability Solutions Initiative, National Science Foundation, Maine EPSCoR, and the Center for Research on Sustainable Forests.

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Exploring Maine's Future Under Alternative Land Use Scenarios

A planning tool for communities, businesses and citizens