The Lower Penobscot River Watershed (LPRW) is home to 164,000 people distributed across 2.5 million acres. The LPRW begins at the mouth of the Penobscot River at Bucksport, and extends upriver to Greenville in the northwest and Lincoln in the northeast. The Bangor metropolitan area, Dover-Foxcroft, and Lincoln comprise the population centers in the LPRW. As is the case in CBLA, almost 10% of the LPRW is protected from development. Here, land use change is a combination of localized urbanization near service centers, and forest management activities throughout the watershed.

To view aerial photos of the LPRW, launch the Mapper or view them in our Picasa web album.

aerial photo of Bangor Mall

The Bangor Mall, shown here, bisects the Penjajawoc Stream on its way to the Penobscot River. (Photo by Pam Wells)